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A call for action: why it is important to vote...

...today...or tomorrow or the day after (or next week on Monday and Tuesday).

Today, elections for the student representatives at our university for 2020/21 start. And especially this year, we can expect an even worse turnout than usual.

Though the corona crisis has shown how important student representatives are in university politics. After all, it is ourselves that primarily represent and defend our own interests. During the corona crisis, the AStA has not only worked intensively with the university administration, but also fought and argued for financial support for students at the state level.

But not only that. Like all student bodies, they have tried to maintain student life as good as they could by switching to online formats for events and trying out new ways of bridging this difficult time.

So anyone who is in Frankfurt (Oder) over the week from 17/06 to 23/06/2020 should simply take a walk to the university between 12am and 2.15pm - don't forget your student ID, your mask and then go vote.

In addition to the student parliament, the student councils of all three faculties and the equal opportunities commissioners can be elected.

In the course of the next month, the AStA departments will be newly advertised - for which you can then apply 😉 .

So if you want to find out more in advance, you can do so on the Instagram pages of the StuPa, AStA and faculty councils:






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