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Amusement with DIY and ASETDIFY (Ask somebody else to do it for you)

Today we present to you a few DIY ideas à la blogging culture. We surely forgot a few classics and certainly a few non-classics, too. We are looking forward to getting ideas from you and are happy to add new suggestions.

The following ideas are perfect for the corona-related social-distancing time, I also remembered that soon it will be "procrastinating studying for exams" time again too and in the end, some of these things can also serve as gift ideas. So whenever you feel like it, have time or are simply bored, this little post should help.

Idea 1: Idea for hanging photo with a stick

Take a stick from one of the many walks we are all taking at the moment, add a few photos and some string. Clean the stick and let it dry. As shown in the photo, attach a piece of string to each side of the stick so that you can hang it up. This is best done on a nail left behind by the previous tenant (that saves work). Knot two or more strings to the stick and let it hang down. If you haven't already done so, go and print out photos and glue them to the threads. The gluing can be done professionally or with scotch tape (as in the example photo).

Idea 2: Wine bottle candle holder

There is hardly much to explain here. Use this DIY as justification to invest in a nice bottle of wine and buy some candles. Drink the wine with your flatmates or friends and don't throw the empty bottle away afterwards. Maybe carve the candles with a knife to fit the opening of the bottle. It also looks good if you have white glass and use coloured candles.


Idea 3: Painting

Of course, good old painting/drawing should not be left out here! Whether it's chalk, watercolours, pencil or oil on canvas : You'll have something at home. Now you can either let your creativity free, try your hand at a still life or paint your flatmates from time to time.

Isn't now the best time to artistically spice up the bare

walls of your flat? Who knows, maybe it's enough to take entrance fees from your

visitors at the

end of the social distancing time.

Idea 4: Digital painting

Everyone living the digital lifestyle to the fullest can also try their hand at digital art. The tablet owners among us seem to have a clear advantage here, but you can also give it a shot on WhatsApp or Snapchat. The possibilities are endless. You can use your friends' photos to turn your favourites into medieval rulers, mythical creatures or anything else.

Idea 5: Sewing

Surprise! Sewing a mask is also on our list. To all of you who can't see it anymore: we're sorry.

Still, not a bad idea right now. This project can also be combined with sorting out wardrobes and repurposing the old T-shirts. And who knows, if you're doing really well, you can earn a bit of money with hand-sewn masks.

There are plenty of explanatory videos on YouTube now, so we'll refrain from explaining it all over again here (it's definitely not because we don't know how).

You already have a mask for every day of the week? How about an apron? After all, a lot of people seem to be discovering cooking at the moment.

In a few months, some of you might be able to open your own Etsy shop with hand-sewn clothes. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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