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Don't be an election hater - Vote!

Many countries are facing a challenge in these physical-distancing times: how to conduct democratic elections with the necessary distance and without sacrificing voter turnout? In addition, conspiracy theories and anti-democratic fake news have now been added to the mix.

Our summer elections at university also fall into this period. You can hardly compare a state with our university. One has a huge administration and years of experience with postal votes, the other has an electoral commission of 5 people and a notoriously low turnout.

In recent years, the goal of the electoral commission and the AStA has always been a double-digit turnout. Despite this rather sad-sounding target, this is not an isolated case among university elections. But what do you do when you can no longer intercept students at the GD entrance or appeal to their morale with a drowning whale cardboard stand? (the word for whale and election sound the same in German) This is the question several places in university politics and in the university are asking themselves right now. So now it's all about turnout in general and for this you are needed.

We probably won't find a miracle cure in this short time, so here we are talking to you via a somewhat conventional method:

From 17/06 to 23/06, the university summer elections will take place. You can vote for StuPa representatives and your respective FSRs. Please do so!

If now you start thinking: "Wait a minute! I've always wanted to get involved in university politics!": You will find all the information and forms you need to stand for election by 02/06/2020 in your owa-mailbox.

The thought of getting involved yourself may not have crossed your mind, but the thought of a drowning cardboard whale stand makes you even more melancholy than usual at this time? You still have until 20/05/2020 to apply for a postal vote at the election administration (just enter election administration at owa) or you can vote on site - with sufficient distance and a mask of course.

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