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How to found an initiative

You got a fabulous idea for a new students’ initiative? You’re overwhelmingly motivated and now you’re wondering about the next step? Well, I find the blog for local students to be a pretty convincing idea. Even though we were still very motivated, our editorial staff was wondering how to become a fully-fledged initiative. However, it wasn’t all easy in the beginning, so we started informing ourselves: There was no guidance or any other defined rule for the foundation of an initiative at our university. We only heard we should follow some general association law.

Our path leads us on the internet straight to Professor Wikipedia. Here is how you found an association:

1. Meet for a founding assembly.

2. Write your terms of reference and let at least seven members sign it.

3. Name a managing board.

4. Write proceedings of your foundation.

5. Register in a written way.

That’s it for association law. Still, there were a lot more questions to answer. Following up on our research, we discovered that we hadn’t been the only ones to struggle with becoming an initiative. I was lucky to meet with a speaker of the AStA to get clear about other ground rules. Most important thing: everybody can found an initiative.

Other points during the founding process are:

1. You should meet for a founding assembly, too.

2. You should write your terms of reference.

3. You should name a managing board, too.

4. In addition, you should set up a members list.

5. In the end, you need a name, a logo and description of your initiative.

Here are some things to pay attention to in order to complete your registration at the AStA. Firstly, you can apply for an official e-mail address at the IKMZ and for a lockbox at the post office or the D4. Then, the AStA website provides you informations regarding the funding of your initiative. They're a major actor regarding the funding of students projects. Also, an initiative’s application promotes 80 percent of the overall budget. The application can be handed in each year until the 30th of april. You need at least eight members for such an application as a valid association. You have to submit an inventory as well as a budget plan. Read more here:


In opposition, project applications promote only 50 percent of your personal share:


Only projects and initiatives being useful for the students at Viadrina and not disowning the terms of reference of the students are seen as worthy for promotion.

All questions concerning the founding of an initiative should be answered by now: you're now closer to the expertise of high politics at the university.

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