• Adrian Piprek

Lived Culture - An Ode to Friendship

Frankfurt is small, not situated by the Main and, if you like, "at the arse end of Germany". In the shadow of Berlin, Frankfurt is just a small nest in Eastern Brandenburg. For many people, everything about Frankfurt has now already been said, but anyone who has ever gotten to know Frankfurt is aware of the fact that these are very superficial views. Of course, Frankfurt is not Berlin and never will be, but that is precisely what makes the city so appealing. Anyone who opens their minds a little bit, realises that Frankfurt is not the end of Germany, but the beginning of a European attitude to life and also lies at the heart of Europe. And this is particularly reflected in Frankfurt's cultural landscape. This is where Germany's 2nd largest cultural offer per capita is at home. There is a really wide range of theatres, events and opportunities to go out partying.

But you can't say Frankfurt without mentioning Slubice, on the other side of the Oder. There are numerous projects that bring German-Polish friendship to life. Be it associations like Slubfurt e.V., which sees Frankfurt and Slubice as one city and builds bridges with its own parliament building and countless events. Or the cross-border student free space Stuck e.V., which attracts and connects Germans, the Polish and guest students from all over the world with cultural events and lively parties. Or Unithea -THE German-Polish theatre festival that enchants the city every summer with original plays, concerts and many other activities. Everyone can take part in these projects and realise what would not be possible in other places (e.g. any German capital). And it's precisely because friendships are formed in these projects, because a family atmosphere prevails at the university and because you can constantly try things out what makes Frankfurt a very special place. Frankfurt will probably never stand in a row with cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo or Berlin. But students from all these cities have been to Frankfurt before and they did have a really good time.

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